Łeba – one of the most beautiful and most frequently visited places on the Baltic coast. Located in the protection zone of the Słowiński National Park (UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve), which may boast very wide golden sand beaches with wonderful SHIFTING DUNES, which are unique in Europe, as well as Łebsko and Sarbsko Lakes.

       The town is 110 km from Gdańsk, 60 km from Słupsk and 70 km from Kashubian Switzerland, on the road No 214.

       A rich offer of tourist attractions, including visiting Łeba and its surroundings, hiking on the golden sand of the beaches and shifting dunes, cycling trips along tourist routes, are the highlights making it worthwhile to stay in Łeba.

       The Łeba seashore - the kingdom of golden beaches – is a unique and only such place on the Polish coast, lying in a particularly healthy climate zone. Salt and iodine content in the air, high insolation (45% greater than in Silesia in southern Poland) as well as highly dynamic atmospheric changes (natural inhalator of respiratory tracts) help us improve our disposition and comfort. Increased emissions of healthy salt and iodine compounds, much greater operation of the rays of the sun reflected from the sand, which contains 85% of quartz, positive stimuli resulting also from the peaceful nature of our landscape (according to the climatologist dr K.Rabski).

       The curative features of the micro-climate of Łeba cover chronic and recurring disorders of the respiratory system, endocrinal and metabolic systems, as well as locomotion organs and rheumatic symptoms.

       According to physicians the specific micro-climate of Łeba greatly enhances the strengthening of the immune system of the body and is a very special place, with great health and medicinal value. Anyone who has ever visited Łeba just once, is sure to come here again.

Łeba is attractive and beautiful the whole year round.


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