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Beaches and swimming pools, water sports on the sea and on the lakes, fairy tale railway trips, hiking and bicycle excursions

  • Sea cruises
  • Cod angling cruises on the sea
  • Seasonal cruises to observe the sunrise and sunset
  • Landscape and site seeing cruises on Lake Łebsko to the Rocket Launch Pad Museum and Słowiński Villages Ethnographic Park Museum in Kluki

Monuments and interesting sites

  1. Ruins of the 14th century gothic St Nicholas Church – Turystyczna Street (the oldest local historical monument)
  2. Old Łeba Cemetery – route from Turystyczna Street to Rąbka
  3. 17th century Our Lady Roman Catholic Church - 28 Postańców Warszawy Street
  • Painting of Madonna as Advocate of Fishermen by Max Pechstein (painted on canvas with paint used on ships)
  • Sculpture of a Fontal Angel holding the Holy Scripture on a golden tray
  • Replica of a figurine of a silver cod – identical as one presented to the Pope during his pilgrimage to Pelplin.
  1. Evangelical graveyard in Parkowa Street – monument commemorating the cemetery of the Evangelical (Lutheran) Parish, which religious community lived in Łeba until 1945, with the inscription “In commemoration of the Evangelical Community” in four languages: Kashubian, German, Polish and Latin.
  2. The oldest house in Łeba at No 86 Kościuszki Street (Latin inscription on a horizontal beam “God is my champion and my helper. Oh Lord, I shall not abandon You, You bless me after all. Johan Mampe. 18 July 1723”.
  3. Kościuszki Street with the Presidential Avenue with embedded hand imprints of presidents of Poland
  4. Park of the Oblates Order – Powstańców Warszawy Street
  5. John Paul II Park – Łąkowa Street
  6. Adventure Power Parks – Turystyczna Street and Nadmorska Street
  7. Dinosaur Park – the largest in Poland – Kolonijna Street
  8. Spruce Raft – replica from 1957 (Yacht Harbour)
  9. Mini ZOO and ornithological garden – Kolonijna Street
  10. Time Chest – Fishermen’s square
  11. Fog bell – between the port authority and the eastern pier – a historical bell with the image of St Nicholas and St James – the patrons of seafarers
  12. Breakwater and Navigation Cross – 16 metres of the steel structure of the cross expressing memory of the sailors, fishermen, yachtsmen and those who have never returned from the sea.
  13. Yacht harbour – Marina (Jachtowa Street)
  14. Black pond
  15. Słowiński Villages Open-Air Ethnographic Park Museum in Kluki, graveyard of the local Słowiński community
  16. Natural History Museum in Smołdzino with affiliate outposts in Rowy and Rąbka (as well as landscape viewing tower)
  17. Czołpino Lighthouse and “Lighthouse” natural history path
  18. Rowokół – the holy mountain of Kashubians (Słowińcy) with the landscape observation tower and natural history pathway.
  19. Shifting sand dunes with the highest Góra Łącka – 42 m above sea level
  20. Czołpińska Sand Dune
  21. World War II Rocket Launching Pads Museum
  • Rheinbote (Rhein Messengers) ballistic missiles – four-stage rockets with 250 km range
  • Rheintochter (Daughters of the Rhein) anti-aircraft missiles – controlled by radio, with 150 kg of explosives with range reaching the height of 18 km.
  1. Stilo Lighthouse
  2. Shipwreck




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